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Phytosanitary and Quarantine Specialist

- Investigación

The International Potato Center (CIP) seeks a Phytosanitary and Quarantine Specialist for CIP’s Genebank to ensure the phytosanitary status, and eliminate pathogens and other contaminants where needed, in in vitro plants conserved in the genebank for potato, sweetpotato, and ARTCs (Andean roots and tuber crops).

About the role:
The Phytosanitary and Quarantine Specialist will be based in CIP-Headquarter and will supervise activities related to the acquisition of germplasm.

Key responsibilities:

• Supervise and monitor activities related to the acquisition of germplasm, post-entry quarantine and elimination of pathogens from potatoes, sweetpotatoes and ARTCs.
• Monitor and provide specific instructions to technicians and assistants to ensure the establishment of in vitro and pathogen-free plants as a result of new germplasm acquisitions.
• Supervise and monitor the proper execution of the services provided by the genebank to internal and external CIP researchers (acquisition and introduction of in vitro plants, virus removal, and bacteria elimination).
• Improve operational procedures and quality practices to increase efficiencies in the process of eliminating pathogens and post-entry quarantine activities.
• Manage improvements in the genebank database, related to the post-entry quarantine and pathogen-removal platform.
• Analyze the results issued by virology and bacteriology (RSU) along with -Health and Quarantine service units (HQU) in order to determine the therapies that will ensure the phytosanitary status of the material.
• Coordinate the transfer of material free of pathogens, including material from post-entry quarantine to the area of in vitro conservation. Together with the departments involved, coordinate the establishment of in vitro material in the genebank at the end of the quarantine period.
• Ensure the proper functioning of laboratories and equipment used in the pathogen-removal and post-entry quarantine processes.
• Provide internal and external training on the pathogen-removal and post-entry quarantine. Participate in genebank exhibitions with emphasis on pathogen-removal and post-entry quarantine.
• Develop performance evaluations and identify succession planning and development of direct reports.
• Act as ISO / IEC 17025 Lead Auditor, monitoring the continuity of the procedures requested by the accrediting company.
• Act as internal auditor in OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management systems.
• Comply with CIP employment and Talent Management policies and practices in the supervision of personnel.
• Comply with applicable health and safety CIP policies and procedures
• Liaison between the genebank and the CIP breeders to organize, track and report information on introductions and cleaning of germplasm (i.e.-breeding material).

Phytosanitary and Quarantine Specialist (Investigación)
1 Vacante

Lima - Lima (Departamento Lima)


Estudios mínimos Maestría
Carreras 1. Biología
2. Laboratorio Clínico y Anatomía Patológica
Requisitos mínimos • Master’s degree or equivalent experience in Plant Pathology or related field.
• At least 6 years of experience in in vitro, propagation, conservation, and pathogen-removal techniques: thermotherapy and meristem culture.
• Advance level of Microsoft office.
• Advanced written and spoken English.
Idiomas Inglés ( Lectura: Nivel avanzado / Escritura: Nivel avanzado / Conversación: Nivel avanzado )


Tipo de contrato Jornada Completa
Duración 12 meses
Jornada Laboral Jornada Completa 7:30 - 4:30

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